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Liquid Magics Jewellery Cleaner Spray Bottle 250ml

Liquid Magics Jewellery Cleaner Spray Bottle 250ml


Product includes two Microfiber Cloths

Liquid Magics All Natural Jewellery Cleaner

The Environmental Solution for all your Jewellery Cleaning

Use with confidence on all Precious Jewellery, Watches, Chains, Bracelets, Diamonds, Gemstones, Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass etc. with amazing results

Safe and easy to use.


The best Environmentally Friendly, Jewellery cleaner on the market, cleans effectively and puts the sparkle and luster back in all your precious jewellery

Alcohol Free - No smearing - No Scratching - Zero Residue Phosphate Free - Ammonia Free - Non-Caustic - Non-Toxic

This product can be used in Ultrasonic cleaners

Liquid Magics Jewellery Cleaner Spray Bottle is Refillable


Place the Jewellery item into a small container. Spray the Jewellery with Liquid Magics Jewellery Cleaner. Brush the liquid into the Jewellery with a toothbrush or similar soft brush. After brushing the item, spray with Liquid Magics Jewellery Cleaner again. Then take the item out of the container and dry with a Microfiber cloth. Then with another clean dry Microfiber cloth buff the jewellery to a shine.

Soak intricate pieces overnight if required.

Another fine product from Liquid Magics

This product is also excellent to use on all Screens. TV – Computer - Mobile Phones - Optical Lenses – Spectacles – Binoculars – Cameras, etc.

Keep out of reach of Children

Made in Australia

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